Daylesford & Hepburn Springs Massage Day Spa

    These Treatments are Skin Specific Using Only the Purest of Products such as the knew line in Beauty..... Kelapa Pure Australian Organics........& Collegen vit c... Peppermint Springs Spa Deluxe Facials And Beauty Treatments

Relaxing Facial

Deluxe Spa Facial

Our amazing  anti-ageing treatment using Certified Organic Rosehip Oil and Lavender Restoration Treatment. This facial will Sooth, Hydrate, Restore and Enhance the skin’s Natural Immunity whilst calming and balancing the complexion feeding essential nutrients to the cells. Calming redness and soothing dry and sensitive skins. Rich in Anti-oxidants and Vitamin A  And c our Beautiful camomille and camelia and Rosehip Cleanser Followed with Sprays of rose and lavender Facial Mists.  A Beautiful Experience for your skin,Soul, Mind  and Body.
60 mins ($120)


Purifying Spa Facial

A gentle but effective facial specifically for oily-combination skin. Taking off excess oil and impurities but balancing, correcting and detoxifying the skin. Refines pores and balances oil flow in the repair process. Cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing to create a finer healthier complexion Removing Excess Oil but Feeding And Repleneshing the skin without Dryness.
60 mins ($120)


Collagen Rich Anti Ageing  Spa Facial

For Mature complexions Ladies or Men This is a Collagen  Rich Specific facial combining vitamin A  & Vitamin C  combining anti-oxidant enriched creamy cleanser, Collagen toner and Collagen Serum an Enriched Dermabrasion exfoliant  With vit A and Collagen rich nourishing cream to deeply nourish the lower layers of the skin and regenerate new skin cells. This is a cell nutritive facial which produces extraordinary changes in the skin  the results will amaze you 
90 mins $150


Ultimate Spa Facial

Our  Decadent facial is the ultimate in 2 hours of total facial pampering. This is the Ultimate anti-ageing treatment for dry and mature skin. This vitamin C deep cleansing resurfacing facial is the essential treatment. Restores Balances Renews, dry and sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, scarred complexion and combination skin. Designed to encourage cell renewal at the highest level, taking the skin back to a finer, smoother, balanced appearance. Using a special Vitamin C serum incorporating Argiriline which is the top line ingredient along with Retinol A, Rosehip Serum & Collagen  high in essential fatty acids boosting also sun damaged and dehydrated skin. These beautiful rich natural products will restore suppleness, Clarity, evenness and  Noticable Glow to your skin so you will really see the results.  its Fabulous.
2 hours $199


The Mens Executive  Spa Facial

This deep conditioning, high performance, rehydrating facial for men is high in essential fatty acids & Peptides Rich in Essential vitamins & Minerals such as Collagen,Vit A, Vit E  & C, Vitamins, Minerals and anti-oxidants all Important for Cell Renewal And rehydration of the skin layers aslo Addressing the issues of Free Radical Damage, This treatment exfoliates and nourishes men’s complexions along with a definate change in Skin Condition you will feel it immediatly,This Facial delivers the optimum in results along with Total relaxation, Experience the Deluxe Head Massage Also incorporating Head,Neck & Shoulders,  this Facial is  Fabulous,just Pure Bliss leaving Men with a Feeling of Total Renewal
90 mins ($150)


Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Pedicure Foot Bliss

A beautiful Deep soak in warm fragrant water laced with pure essential oils. Deep exfoliation to remove dead dry skin, then massaged with chamomile  Peppermint and rose Geranium cream to nourish feet. shaping and trimming including cuticle nourishing then clear finishing
60 mins $80


French Spa Manicure

Starting with a pure essential oil soak and peppermint hand scrub followed by a cocoa butter hand and nail treatment and a cuticle nourisher is applied. Then a choice of polishes and French polishes if desired are applied after precise French shaping of nails. A stunning result.
80 mins french Manicure $120


Aroma Steam Exfoliation and Spa Massage

Steaming Towels in Pure Spring Water with Aroma Exfoliation to Detox. This Amazing treatment on its own is the ultimate in body Exfoliation  whilst  sloughing off all those dead skin Particles revealing the soft smoothness of the new skin beneath,Italian sea salts with essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and grapefruit & Almond Oil this is a total  body Exfoliation  and the soft and decadent feel of rich Avocado and Jojoba oils to soften and totally revitalise the skin. wrapped in hot towels then massaged with  Our Amazing Body butters This Treatment is  total Indulgence relaxing all your tired and stressed muscles.leaving your Skin Newly rejuvenated. A Must for Anytime beautiful Bodies  $190.  90 mins.

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