Hepburn Springs & Daylesford’s Peppermint Springs Dinner Menu

You’ve heard about it so come and try it!

All our produce is Organic and Fresh, cooked And served straight to your table




  • Homemade Spicy Creamy Pumpkin Soup 
  • Homemade Creamy Chicken & Herb Soup
  • homemade butter Garlic bread rolls


Mains  Tender Juicy Steaks are our Specialty

        Tender Fillet Mignon  Wrapped in bacon seared and cooked the way you like it.

  • Prime Cut Porterhouse; A Tender Cut Of Sirloin Cooked To Perfection
  • Prime Cut T-Bone Steak; So Tender, This Steak has A Full Eye Fillet 
  • Chicken Florentine; Tender Breast Chicken With Garlic And Spinach In Filo Pastry Baked
  • Chicken Breast Pocketed with Garlic Cheese and Spinach rolled in Beautiful light Herb,Garlic Breadcrumbs
  • Butter Chicken Curry In Sesame And Garlic Sauce With Basmati Rice and Fresh Vegetables
  • Tuna Volu Vents Baked in light Puff Pastry And Served with Fresh Garden Vegetables and Garlic Roasted Potatoes
  • Chicken & Corn Chowder With Herbs & Shallots  & Basmati Rice
  • Cheese Potatoe and Spinach Pie served with Garden Fresh Vegetables And Garlic  your choice of Roast or Mashed potatoes
  • Potatoe, Pumpkin and Vegetable Pie Served with Garden Fresh Vegetables



Homemade Desserts & Sweets

  • Homemade Apple Pie Made With The Sweetest Local Apples & Fresh Light Puff Pastry Dusted with icing Sugar
  • Orange & Cinnamon Pudding Topped With Cinnamon & Orange Glaze Dusted with icing sugar
  • Tirimisu Parfait with Marscapone coffee & Chocolate Layers With Cream
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake With Lemon Vanilla Sherbert & Whipped Cream
  • Choclate Layered Cheesecake Deliciously Rich with layers of choclate and cream dusted with choc icing sugar
  • Fresh Fruit Salad with Cream, Iceream or Both served with fresh Strawberries
  • Butter Bread And Jam Pudding Topped with Cream Icecream or Both

Please make sure you send us your choices of meals At least 2 weeks before arriving for your stay or ASAP  so we can put your Order through to our Organic Producers and we can make sure these organic meals are freshly prepared & cooked delivered straight to the table.

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